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Venturefest Bristol and Bath 2017

UK Government has recognised in the Industrial Strategy  the urgent need to “build on our strengths and extend excellence into the future.” This means improving our ability to commercialise innovation. Bristol and Bath is rightly identified as a place where real innovation happens and which should be a centre for ongoing commercialisation.

Venturefest has been developed to generate greater commercial success from innovation. Regions are asked to collaborate with Innovate UK developing an event that reflects the unique make-up of the region and creates the best possible programme to generate more commercial value from tech start-ups and scale-ups.

In this context Invest Bristol & Bath with its regional partners have developed a unique approach to Venturefest which seeks to harness the exceptional levels of innovation and technology in the region, particularly focusing on those areas in which it is most competitive.

Invest Bristol & Bath has developed a new model for Venturefest over 2016/17 and 2017/18. Our approach has been to, effectively, combine two separate events by positioning them close together and running a series of activity between the two mainstays.

As part of this we have developed a theme on the Technology Requirements and Barriers to Building a Future Smart City.

The purpose of this is to develop a meaningful dialogue between the regional tech community, non-tech businesses, and city authorities in order to;

  1. Articulate the Smart City market opportunities for tech companies in a Smart City.
  2. Give non-tech companies a platform to engage the diverse tech community to source technology that will allow them to be a part of a Smart City.
  3. Support tech start-ups and scale-ups to rise up and meet the market demand generated by Smart Cities.

The programme is focusing on three elements:

  1. the components (energy, transport, living, infrastructure, money) that will integrate and entirely transform the way cities are run and how residents live their lives.
  2. the technology capabilities that will be essential to making this work. Capabilities which are seen in abundance within the Bristol and Bath tech cluster.
  3. Supporting start-ups and scale ups to meet their commercial potential in the Smart City environment.

For updates on Venturefest Bristol & Bath 2017 follow @Venturefestbb.

Invest Bristol and Bath

Venturefest Bristol and Bath is hosted by Invest Bristol and Bath the region’s inward investment promotion agency.
Bristol and Bath is at the front line of development and application of technology in the future of cities.

With a history in Aerospace and Microelectronics, today our specialisms include: Big Data; Cloud Management; Mobile Development; Gaming; Telecommunications; and collaborative working.

These strengths have attracted major brands, who have been led here by the strong tech eco-system and leading talent base.

We at Invest Bristol & Bath, have a dedicated and professional team who are well placed to help you with relocation or expansion into enterprise zones and surrounding areas across the region.

We can assist with talent recruitment, property searches and linking you to other businesses to enhance collaborative working, allowing you to get the best from what our region can offer you.

We are at the forefront of what we do and we look forward to helping you grow your business.

Contact us on: 01179 434 858 / www.bristolandbath.co.uk / @investbrisbath

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