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Venturefest Bristol & Bath 2017 will again feature the Smart City Marketplace.

Join us to meet the 15 regional and national companies pushing the boundaries of Smart City innovation.

The Marketplace is open throughout the day, from 08:30 – 17:00.

51VR was founded in January 2015, and is headquartered in Beijing, China. 51VR is one of the leading VR/AR/AI company in China providing services in Real Estate, AI simulation, Automotive and Education sectors.

51VR has established seven R&D centers globally to develop next-generation technologies to improve efficiency and productivity in traditional industry and provide tools and testing environment for the autonomous vehicle. With its global reach, 51VR provides services to 77 major cities internationally.

A shared workspace to research and develop Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technology, applications and projects in the South West. We provide a shared studio with high end VR, AR and 360 equipment available at all times, experts on hand to offer advice, and engaging industry talks and events on a number of subjects related to the field. If you are researching, developing, experimenting or building a business in VR, AR or MR, come join us.

Capital Cell is Europe’s first equity crowdfunding platform specialising in life sciences.

From our offices in Cambridge and Barcelona we source innovative, early stage companies in biotech and healthcare from across Europe for listing on the Capital Cell platform. We focus entirely on companies whose technology is based on biology or healthcare, including therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, digital health, agritech, and software/ artificial intelligence.

We have a unique method for performing multilevel due diligence, involving crowdsourced wisdom of a community of BioExperts.

The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) is proud to be a growing, independent and not-for-profit organisation that specialises in digitally enabled high value design capability. We promote advanced modelling and simulation, underpinned by High Performance Computing (HPC), pushing the boundaries of technology.

Through our exceptional, collaborative, virtual and physical facilities, we enable the adoption and acceleration of new technologies for advanced modelling and simulation, while improving learning and developing awareness of state-of-the-art.

Indoor and outdoor navigation is a core component of realising smart cities and the fast and cost-effective creation of virtual and augmented reality environments is a key enabler. GoVirtually go beyond typical 360 degree camera tours to provide the highest quality 3-dimensional visualisations of rooms and buildings (both existing and planned) combining depth-sensors, 3D CAD/BIM model and 360 images to create a seamless navigation experience. is a platform for peer-to-peer help. To date, we have enabled thousands to find the help they need from people nearby. With a community of almost 100,000 members sharing their time, skills and knowledge across a dozen cities across the UK, Helpfulpeeps is bringing back community spirit in the digital age.

iGeolise make maps and data searchable by travel time. Users of consumer-facing websites can search locations by the travel time and transport modes of their choice. E.g. on a property site, show ‘all properties within a 45-minute commute by public transport to arrive at 8.30am’.

Organisations can analyse their own data by travel time:

  • – Planning retail store locations & catchment areas
  • – Sales territory analysis
  • – Analyse how an office relocation can impact staff commute times

Immersive Labs provides cyber security skills development and validation through browser-based, gamified cyber labs – enabling users to test their talent in real-world and hands-on environments. This also enables organisations to better understand and measure their in-house cyber capabilities.

LettUs Grow design irrigation and control technology for vertical farms. Our proprietary hardware and integrated farm management software delivers higher crop yields and makes farmers’ lives easier. LettUs Grow is positioned to become a significant player in a market forecasted to grow 27% annually to over $13bn by 2024.

Living Map transforms people’s experiences of the world’s busiest and most complex places. Our digital map and data platform gives cities, businesses and buildings a simple, powerful way to manage and communicate the most important information about their physical space. Combining cutting-edge design, indoor and outdoor location services and flexible integrations, Living Map gives you the ability to completely redefine your user experience.

Neighbourly is the internet platform for social good, connecting local community and charity projects with companies and people that can help. We bring all forms of giving together – time, money and surplus – and focus on business as the driving force. We break down traditional barriers to finding and giving help, creating a network of businesses, communities, councils and institutions that can come together to collaboratively support the charitable sector.

Rovco is innovating subsea. The company launched in September 2016 using the “Robotics as a Service” business model, and is focused on using 3D visualisation and artificial intelligence to disrupt the subsea survey and inspection markets. Rovco is targeting the two growing areas of offshore renewable energy and oil field decommissioning, they are currently running an EIS investment round raising £400k.

We’re a shared ride-to-work service designed specifically with the Bristol commuter in mind, and all bookable using our clever app. Here’s how it works:

  1. 1. Book your ride, either days in advance, or just minutes before
  2. 2. Walk to your allocated pickup point (usually not more than 3 minutes away)
  3. 3. Ride with others going the same way

Our upfront fares are great value and won’t change, no matter the demand, we’ll let you know of any delays with real time updates, there’s free Wi-Fi onboard and our drivers are super friendly!

VividQ has developed a revolutionary solution for the real-time generation of 3D holograms for display purposes. The company makes holography a viable and realistic display technology by offering an end-to-end software architecture for computing, compressing and projecting truly holographic images. VividQ communicates with 3D source data systems, such as depth-sensing cameras and Unity, as well as high quality micro-displays. This creates a fully  immersive experience that will redefine Mixed Reality for industrial and consumer applications.

Yaffle is a new concept in visual storytelling for educators, authors and storytellers.
Yaffle is a disruptive technology aimed at the rapidly evolving EdTech market.
Yaffle is the future of classroom teaching. It meets the demands of the students who are digital natives; born in the age of the smartphone and tablet.
Yaffle provides an affordable next-generation solution for learning and engagement via the unique visual interface only made possible through the use of AR.

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