Priya Prakash

Priya Prakash

D4SC – Design for Social Change

Designer–founder and entrepreneur of London based award-winning D4SC – Design for Social Change Ltd -The applied urban innovation studio develops collaborative urban systems combining human and machine intelligence to co-create smarter cities with people.

D4SC was recently invited by the Queen to Buckingham Palace in recognition of their award winning work in Chinese smart cities with data. In 2016, D4SC were the only non-chinese company winning the prestigious Shanghai Open Data Award (SODA) for improving public safety with people.

In 2017, in UK working with Amey Ferrovial, after reducing average road inspection costs by 22% and increasing citizen satisfaction and contractor responsiveness by 19.8% for city of Plymouth, Priya is working on scaling up Changify – D4SC’s people powered decision making platform for service contractors, local authorities and communities to make public infrastructure better together across UK and Asia.

Prior to D4SC, Priya was Head of Mobile Phone User Experience at Nokia. She led the global design team to launch affordable smart phones – Nokia Asha in 144 countries. At BBC, she was lead-designer and co-inventor of iPlayer with joint patents.

Smart cities mean nothing if people don’t have the agency to collectively improve their lives working collaboratively with business, communities and city authorities. One can experience a city’s smartness and intelligence on how it treats its residents or visitors in their daily interactions with public and private services to make their own inter personal interaction much better and feel its worthwhile living, working and playing in a city. Its not about smart parking, smart meters, smart dashboards. We need to get out of George Orwell 1984 limited vocabulary forced upon us by deeming any remotely technology enabled interaction as “smart”. Also we need to forge new relationships between people, government, big and small companies to share data and learn from each other.